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Job Seekers: What to Include on Your Website: Part 1

The first and most important thing job seekers need on their website is, of course, an Online Resume.  Not only should you provide a downloadable copy of your resume (preferably in both Word and pdf formats), you can also divide your resume into the following segments:

  • Experience
  • Companies
  • Positions
  • Accomplishments
  • Skills
  • Type of Company and Position Sought

Because of the freedom and flexibility of having this information on a website, you can have a separate page for each of these categories.  And you can provide links.  Links to the websites of the companies you worked for, links to job descriptions, etc. 

In addition to your printed resume, you can also provide a "video resume," a brief video where you can highlight your experience.  Whether you use the camera and mic on your computer or hire a company to produce a higher quality video, it's really helpful for hiring managers to see you "in action."


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