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Job Seekers: What to Include on Your Website: Part 2

Okay.  You've got your resume online.  You've added your company history, past positions and accomplishments. Prospective employers can download a copy.  Now what?  As the song goes, "Is that all there is?" 

The answer is, "no way!"  With your own website, you can offer so much more than an online resume.  In a recent survey, hiring managers say that one of the most important things to have on your website is to describe your Job Skills.

One of the greatest challenges an employer has is making sure the skills of the applicant match those needed for the position. 

However, one of the traps job seekers find themselves in is trying to portray themselves as a chameleon, able to do anything, to fit any position offered.  It's a trap, for several reasons.  First, it makes you look undefined and wishy-washy, which reduces your credibility.  And building trust is critical! 

Therefore, use your website to explain – and demonstrate – your strengths and skills. 

You need to "position" yourself, which means that you need what marketers call a "Unique Selling Proposition."  Why would people "buy" from you?  What's your uniqueness?  What makes you stand out? 

In future blogs I'll explore some of the ways to find out – and demonstrate – your individual skills. 

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