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Blue Geniuses & Stress

Different things cause – and relieve – stress for each Inner Genius Style. 

Things That Cause Stress for Blue Geniuses:

  • Conflict: Fighting, Blaming or Backstabbing
  • Betrayal or Judgment
  • People arguing or too competitive
  • Treachery or Deceit
  • Impatience, insensitivity or ignoring others’ feelings
  • Being treated impersonally
  • Rapid change and unpredictability
  • Injustice
  • Lack of support from managers or co-workers

Ways Blue Geniuses Can React To Stress:

  • Slowing down and becoming indecisive
  • Disassociating/withdrawing or becoming resentful

Antidotes for stress:

  • Having a safe avenue to share everyone’s concerns

  • Renewing faith that someone cares

 Ways they prefer to resolve conflict:

  • Have a one-on-one conversation

 If you do something that upsets them:

  • Let them know how much you care about them

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