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Gold Geniuses & Stress

Different things cause – and relieve – stress for each Inner Genius Style. 

Things That Cause Stress for Gold Geniuses:

  • Disregarding rules and regulations
  • Unreliability, missing deadlines, others showing up late, not finishing projects
  • Being criticized, especially when it was something  not under their control
  • Being rushed
  • Inconsistency or Disorganization
  • Being forced to reveal personal information or feelings.

Ways Gold Geniuses Can React To Stress:

  • Becoming antisocial or inflexible
  • Complaining, criticizing or being pessimistic

Antidotes to stress:

  • Giving them time to get organized and refocused
  • Privacy and a project to focus on

Best way to resolve conflict:

  • Focus on the facts, not emotions.

If you do something that upsets them:

  • Tell them you appreciate them and their contribution

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