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Green Geniuses & Stress

Different things cause – and relieve – stress for each Inner Genius Style. 

Things That Cause Stress for Green Geniuses:

  • Lack of a clear vision or goal – or not being allowed to set their own
  • Being dominated or controlled
  • Restriction or Rigidity
  • Laziness, Sluggishness or apathy
  • Powerlessness
  • Limitations or people getting in the way
  • Irrational thinking or conjecture
  • Indecisiveness

Ways Green Geniuses Can React To Stress:

  • Ignoring the needs of others
  • Avoiding tasks/projects that aren’t “important”

Antidotes for stress:

  • Realigning toward the goal
  • Taking on projects they can masterfully achieve

Ways they prefer to resolve conflict:

  • Learn from mistakes and focus on the future

If you do something that upsets them:

  • Let them know you respect them and their ability to take action and achieve results.

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