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Red Geniuses & Stress

Different things cause – and relieve – stress for each Inner Genius Style. 

Things That Cause Stress for Red Geniuses:

  • Having to follow a strict procedure, schedule, agenda or routine
  • Predictability or Inflexibility
  • Nagging, Negativity or Pessimism
  • Boredom, repetition
  • Rejection, being unpopular
  • Bureaucracy, Delays, Waiting, Slow People
  • Constraint, rules that are too rigid
  • Having to follow a routine and/or do detailed tasks

Ways Red Geniuses Can React To Stress:

  • Become reckless, taking on too much risk
  • Get disruptive, or, alternatively, exclude others

Antidotes to stress:

  • Taking action to find new options and solutions
  • Lightening up, having fun, laughing

Ways they prefer to resolve conflict:

  • Let it pass – everyone will get over it in time

If you do something that upsets them:

  • Tell them you admire and look up to them.

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