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For Job Seekers & Contract Workers


Attention Job Seekers!

Take your job search to the next level with your own website!  Executives and HR professionals agree: "Every candidate needs to have their own website." 


CoCreate A Website offers classes specifically for Job Seekers, Consultants and Contract Workers.  Sign Up for our Free Introductory Webinar to learn more about why you need a website, what to include, and more!


Then, when you're ready to get started, Sign Up for our Job Seekers Classes for only $499. 

Special Class for Job Seekers and Contract Workers: starting at $499


  • FREE introductory webinar for all Job Seekers and Contract Workers, including why you need a website, what to include, etc.
  • Basic initial site administrative setup, including plug-ins and other cool tools to help make your website (and blog) creation process easier.
  • Three Web Classes, with handouts, pre-work and homework activities targeted specifically to Job Seekers and Contract Workers.
  • Expert suggestions for enhancing your job search and selection
  • One hour of personal, one-on-one assistance to help you with specific needs, including helping with initial domain/hosting setup, custom design assistance, basic SEO suggestions, blog ideas, etc.