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Happy Clients

Hear what others are saying about CoCreate A Website:

"I have renovated my website to be a bit more interesting than it's been in the recent past. I hired a woman, Brownell Landrum, to help me out because I wanted a site that was easy to update and edit. But I don't know much more than the basics when it comes to computers (and even less when it comes to the World Wide Web).


Brownell was exactly what I was looking for. She set up the site so the overall appearance was what I wanted, but then (and this is the feature most other website designers don't offer) she walked me through the different things I can do — on my own, as often as I want – behind the scenes, like add (or change) information as easily as if I was in a Word Processor document. I've been able to email or call her at the drop of a hat if I have a question or need help, and it's all included in a one-time payment.


Overall — despite my incompetence with things as overwhelming as setting up a website — Brownell produced exactly what I was looking for: a site that I can do with what I please — without having to call up a designer and throwing down even more money — with an easy-to- understand program. She is happy to meet in person, or talk you through the process over the phone while granting you access to her computer desktop to see what she's doing (which is way cool; you have to see it to believe it).


Also, go check out my new site!!  r


If you are interested in setting up your own site — or any number of other Internet-related things — send Brownell an email just to see what she can do for you. (She's very good about not pressuring you into anything.)"

- Helen Preston



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